The VCIQ Benchmark App is a free app providing access to key financial, sales, and operational industry level metrics on your mobile device. Benchmarks provided in the app leverage ValueCentric’s knowledge of channel data and reporting in the pharmaceutical industry.

Already a ValueTrak Customer? Compare your company's data against aggregate industry metrics like service level within the application.

Powerful Financial Metrics

Days on Hand (DOH): Pharma’s most popular key performance indicator, trend product demand versus remaining supply across DC stocking locations

Service Level: Measure how well wholesaler inventories are managed to ensure anticipated demand is met

DOH vs Service Level: Visualize the relationship between DOH and Service Level and determine optimal DOH targets which result in the highest service level

Returns as % of sales: Compare your returns against industry aggregate data in Branded, Generic or Specialty product segments

Access Sales and Channel Trending

Market Penetration: Explore product distribution by geography over time; understand market anomalies and industry level penetration metrics

Demand variability: Understand demand variations over defined time periods and analyze anomalies as a result of trend, seasonality, events, and noise

New Product Launch (NPL): Prepare for your launch by viewing a typical demand and distribution curve that new products typically experience

Loss of Exclusivity (LOE): Be advised of the typical downward curve in demand products approaching end-of-life experience